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Diving into Three Act Math Movies- Assignment 3 ETAD 879

My adventures in Advanced Video Design for Learning continues with envisioning a “movie” I could design to support learning in the classroom.  For this assignment I am lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with a partner… something I have yet to do as a grad student.  It has been so great to collaborate, brainstorm and dream with someone else.  Ryan Banow is a great partner and I am learning so much with him.  Our vision for our movie is  inspired by the work of  Dan Meyer.  We both had an opportunity to take part in his sessions at the Saskatchewan Understands Mathematics Conference in May.  We were particularly inspired by his ideas around videos in mathematics and Three Act Math Movies.  We both really like the powerful learning opportunities that we see within the math movies.  However, as a primary teacher I struggled to find ready-made movies that would work for younger students.  And so the idea of Three Act Math Movies for Elementary Students emerged.

Here is the video treatment that we wrote up as a proposal for our work

1 thought on “Diving into Three Act Math Movies- Assignment 3 ETAD 879”

  1. I’m a primary teacher too, also looking for primary level ways in to 3-acts, having been inspired by Dan Meyer. I’m very much a newbie though, it’s my first day looking into it. It would be so great if you could build a bank of primary ideas. Look forward to reading more.

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