My name is Jennifer Brokofsky and I currently I am the Coordinator of Mathematics with Saskatoon Public Schools.  I am first and foremost a teacher who strives to learn alongside my students, and colleagues.  I enjoy expanding my understanding in all areas of education but am particularly passionate about mathematics, science, and the transformational use of technology in and outside of our schools.  I believe that students are the heart of all we do, and the most important people in our learning environments.  My job is always to facilitate their learning by creating the conditions for inquiry, and wonder.   I look forward to connecting and collaborating with educators near and far who share my passion for learning and children.  If you would like to connect further you can find me on Twitter as @JennBrokofsky


The opinions, stories and reflections expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer. I am sharing my current ideas, thinking and reflections. These reflections may change as I reflect and refine my practice.

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