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Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!!

In the Making

My adventure continues in my Advanced Video Design for Learning grad studies class.  Assignment #2 had me creating a video to practice common video production shots.  To make this a fun and collaborative learning experience I enlisted my kids as the actors, set designers, and general behind the scenes crew. It was great to create something with them.  Here is what we came up with and a record of our shots.  We hope that you enjoy our first “shot” at video production!!


Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late- Shots Selection


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!!”

  1. Great work Jenn. I love the creative approach you took to this project. The story gives the assignment a wonderful flow and holds together the work. The shot list is well done and will be helpful if you want to reuse andy of the shots. Videowise everything looks solid except the dollys and trucks. We can discuss. Also purists would say that a follow should always be behind the subject but I am not much of a purist.

  2. Great job, Jenn! You thought of a great way for a busy mom to have fun with her kids. Tell them I am really impressed with their acting and narrating skills. It is tough to get in all the shots, but it seems to me that you got them all. I particularly enjoyed your outdoor sequence. Looking forward to your math videos!

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