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Three Act Math Video- Movie Line

Concepts Time and Logical Reasoning

Three Act Math Movies Video Design by Jennifer Brokofsky and Ryan Banow

Possible Curriculum Connections

Grade 3– SS3.1 Demonstrate understanding of the passage of time including:

  • relating common activities to standard and non-standard units
  • describing relationships between units
  • solving situational questions.

[C, CN, PS, R]


a. Observe and describe activities relevant to self, family, and community that would involve the measurement of time.

Grade 4– SS4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of time by:

  • reading and recording time using digital and analog clocks (including 24 hour clocks)
  • reading and recording calendar dates in a variety of formats.

[C, CN, V]


a. Express the time orally shown on a 12-hour digital clock.

Grade 5– N5.2 Analyze models of, develop strategies for, and carry out multiplication of whole numbers.

[C, CN,ME, PS, R, V]


h. Pose a problem which requires the multiplication of 2-digit numbers and explain the strategies used to multiply the numbers.

Act One- The Problem- Video

A man is waiting in line to buy tickets to a movie. The movie is about to start.

Key question:

  • Will he get his tickets before the movie starts?

Act Two- Classroom Connections

Key questions that the video will inspire are:

  • Will he get his tickets before the movie starts?

What might the students need to acquire as they work to solve this problem?

  • Time it takes for one person to purchase tickets- 51 seconds
  • Number of people in the line in front of the man at 5:11- 6

Act Three- The Solution- Video

The man gets to the front of the line after the movie has already started.

Sequels-Extending the Learning

  • What if one person buys tickets for multiple people in the line?
  • What time should have the man have arrived at the theatre in order to make it into the movie before it starts?

Teachers’ Guide

Movie Line