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Push In Posters for Early Mathematics


As students are playing and exploring mathematics there are times when teachers can step back, watch, and document the learning.  These moments allow teachers to assess the students understanding of the concepts and formulate ideas for future instruction.  At other times students may require teachers to “push in” to the conversations and explorations to support students in making connections, taking next steps, and engaging in mathematical conversations.  Pushing in may look like a teacher pulling up a chair and joining the group or placing a support in front of students to direct the conversations and the learning.   One tool for this support can be Push in Posters.  These posters can put beside students to help them assess vocabulary, or make a connection. What I like about using them is that the support right beside the learners and not across the room like a Math Wall may be.  To support your young mathematicians I have created Push In Posters for Number Recognition, Patterns, and Shapes in both English and French.  I hope that you find them helpful.

Number Push In Posters- English   French

Patterns and Shape Push in Posters- English   French