Just Jump!

Well here goes…my first blog.  Like with so many firsts I am a bit scared, apprehensive, and uncertain.  Can I figure out the technology? Will I have something to say… today and in the future?  Will my writing skills be okay? Why in a year of so many firsts…new job, new collegues, new experiences have I choosen to add another?  Why does standing in front of 800 teachers sharing my learning seem less scary then writing a blog?  Why…Why…Why?

The answers to those questions are still nebulous for me.  I think partially I am here because so many wonderful educators have modelled the way, shared their thinking by blogging, and taught me more then they will ever know.  I feel the need to give instead of just take, and share my thinking with them.  I also think as a consultant trying to become more techy I need to put “my money where my mouth is” and do what we need teachers to do…become more reflective in their practices and deliberate in their actions.  Now it is my turn to model the way.

So as I begin this process I make a promise to you the reader but mostly I make a promise to myself.  I will use this space to reflect on my journey as a learner in a quest to learn more.  More about instructional practices, more about assessment, more about technology, more about students…just more.

So here goes.  Eyes closed…deep breath…1..2..3..Jump!