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Building on Mathematical Thinking Through Play! #PlayMath


I am always on the look out for ways I can support my children in extending their learning of mathematics at home.  Sometimes these opportunities take the form of problems we solve or apps that I share with them and sometimes they take the form of games we play.  Our Saskatchewan Curriculum has 4 distinct and interconnected goals for Mathematics Education.  These goals are:

  1. Logical Thinking
  2. Number Sense
  3. Spatial Sense
  4. Mathematics as a Human Endeavour

When I look for games we can play I always think about which of these goals they support and most importantly is this fun.  Here are some of our current favorites for Playing Math!

Logic LinksLogic Links a series of puzzles that make you think.  Each puzzle is comprised of a series of clues that are solved by arranging the coloured chips in a certain order.  This is a great game to develop Logical Thinking.



noodlerNoodlersNoodler2– this is a fantastic game for teaching spatial sense and problem solving.  To play you use the recommended number of sticks to divide up the surface of the card to separate the shapes on it.  This is a great game to develop Spatial Sense.




Q Bitz

Q-bitz Extreme– in this game players each get their own Q-bitz Extreme board with 16 cubes, and race to be the first to replicate the curving patter to win the card.  This is a great game to develop Spatial Sense.



2 thoughts on “Building on Mathematical Thinking Through Play! #PlayMath”

  1. This is a wonderful idea! i never thought about this to help with math. I will have to use this for my students when i start teaching.

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