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Professional Development in Mathematics- Logic Model

Logic Model

Assignment 4 in my EDCUR 809 class has me learning how to create a logic model.  The Mathematics Professional Development Logic Model is document I created to help me to see the scope, sequence, and interdependence of mathematics professional development in my school system.  The model outlines the situation of mathematics education, the inputs into the system, the outputs and impact of the actions taken.  My actual program evaluation will only focus on one aspect of this large picture of Mathematics Learning and Support in our system- The PreK- Grade 5 Mathematics Learning Community.  My plan is to focus on the Learning Community and the corresponding teacher and student outcomes.

4 thoughts on “Professional Development in Mathematics- Logic Model”

  1. Great work on the LM Jenn. You paint a thorough picture of the entire program. I have a sense of what goes into making the parts become a whole. Did you consider any of the assumptions or external factors that support or apply pressure on the delivery of the program? I believe that this document will serve you well in the creation and application of your program evaluation plan.

  2. I think you should share this with our professional development team. I really like the clarity of the thinking in the logic model.

  3. Thanks to Wendy for forwarding.I always appreciate a good visual and this gave me a better appreciation for your work in the math communities. The outcomes (impact) columns tell me this work will continue to have significant and long reaching effects. Thanks Jen.

  4. This is a very useful model! I’m a BSW student and I used it to develop a social work intervention for my field placement. Thank you for sharing.

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