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The Look, Sound and Feel of Learning

I have been spending a lot of time thinking, reading, writing, and inquiring about learning…what it is, what it means to me, and what it means for our children. The word learning does not seem to be big enough to encompass all of the beauty, power and heart that goes into it the meaning of learning. It is so much more than a word. This week I focused my wonder around three questions in the hopes of expanding my idea of what learning is…What does learning look like? Sound like? and Feel like? I started a keeping a list that was never far from my side and add to it every time I come across a new word that I felt described learning. My list grew and grew throughout the week and although it is not complete (and will probably never be complete) I would like to share it with you. My hope is to spark a conversation and add to the thinking. After all learning looks, sounds and feels like sharing.

What Does Learning Look Like?

What Does Learning Sound Like?

What Does Learning Feel Like?

So that is my thinking so far about what learning looks like, sounds like and feels like. This journey of learning has been fun and will continue. It has also drawn me to a new question…

What can we do for those students who have yet to know the look, sound or feel of learning?


2 thoughts on “The Look, Sound and Feel of Learning”

  1. Neat approach, Jenn. And keeping a growing list of these descriptors is the important thing. Keep adding to the clouds! I thought it was interesting to see how the “sound like” has fewer descriptors than the others — not surprising given that it is limited to a single sensory reflection, whereas looking and feeling are multi-dimensional (yes, even looking involves more than seeing). I wonder what learning would smell like?

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