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I’m Going to ISTE!!!!

For months I have been counting down to this day. The day I get on the plane and head to Philadelphia and ISTE 2011, a conference that promises to be as much about making some amazing connections with other educators as it is about tremendous learning opportunities. I am now only 1 sleep away from leaving and cannot wait!!!! I am also very fortunate to be taking this adventure with my great friend and colleague Jana. Our journey promises to be yet another amazing adventure.
On this the night before I leave, here is my list of things I have to do while on my Techcellent Adventure:

  1. Connect with some great friends I have met on Twitter (you all know who your are.)
  2. Blog everyday.
  3. Take lots of pictures and post them to Flickr.
  4. Learn, learn, learn!
  5. Make new friends.
  6. Enjoy every minute and live in the moment
  7. Eat at least one Philly Cheese steak.
  8. See the Liberty Bell
  9. Run up the same stairs as Rocky!
  10. Have fun!

There you go…my own top ten list in no particular order.  T-minus 1 sleep and counting.  Let the adventure begin!!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Going to ISTE!!!!”

  1. I love, love, love the title: Techcellent adventure! I can’t wait to meet you and Jana. It’s going to be such a wonderful time of learning and sharing. Have a safe trip and see you in Philly!

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