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Voice Threads for Math Journals: An alternative to written communication

Voice Thread

I have been playing with the idea of Voice Threads in mathematics especially in the primary grades.  I see them as a great alternative to written math journals which are often difficult for young students who lack sophistication with written communication.  What I like about Voice Threads is that they eliminate the barrier of written communication and allow students to communicate their understanding orally.  As well, others (teacher/students) can respond to the Voice Threads which opens the communication up to collaboration as well.  This would be a great way to support the Mathematical Process of Communication.  Over the next few days I am planning on using this tool to highlight several types of manipulatives and how to use them.  My son who is grade 2 has “volunteered” to help by doing the math and sharing his reflections.  Click here for our first Voice Thread using Cuisenaire Rods.

4 thoughts on “Voice Threads for Math Journals: An alternative to written communication”

  1. I hope this works. I have been trying videos for math journaling. It works, but I also considered VoiceThread for my next project. I like the way they can focus on the steps in their math process. It is a bit more like story boarding. I hope you post a few for us to look at.

  2. A classroom activity that goes well with voice threads is teaching students to comment to grow each others’ learning – otherwise they tend to say what they like. Like the math wall you recommend, a feedback wall can really help students understand thinking.
    The sample of how to use feedback here is easy to understand, and it is easy to see how manipulative help students understand fundamental concepts. If your last type of feedback was a question to help the learning keep going, what question would you ask?

  3. Jennifer~
    Love it! My class is a huge fan of VoiceThread! I totally agree with you it is a great way to build community and conversation! What a wonderful tool to enhance learning!!

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